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Paradise del Baja KM 45 Carretera Libre Tijuana-Ensenada

Price: $4.6 M USD We will consider all offers!

It is owner´s intention to effect the sale of the property Paradise del Baja by sale of 100% of the shares of the company, which owns the property.

Purchaser will obtain ownership of the Co. by purshase of its outstanding stock, and thereby its current ownership rights to said porperty, wich has in excess of $2 million Dlls. of grading work

Developers with a taste for the peaceful views of El Descanso Bay in Baja, will be drawn to this beachfront property, a natural whale resting area.  Beachfront real estate in Baja doesn’t get any better than this, with a views of a turquoise waters and less than a mile from the renowned Puerto Nuevo dinning,.


Located on a parcel of land between the main highway and the Pacific Ocean, this Rosarito real estate opportunity is unparalleled in the possibilities it presents for real estate development. Zoned residential and commercial, this land is available for many types of development, like hotels, condos, homes, shopping mall, etc.

The Seller has conducted a Master Plan audit to identify potential uses for this Oceanside development.. Paradise del Baja, an exceptional Rosarito Beach property can support a premier community that is zoned over 200 homes.

Potential Features and Amenities:

Seaside Single-Family Residences, Multi-Family Residences, Beach Club, Retail/Entertainment District, Reconstituted Beach, Senior Care Community, Staff Housing and more.

This undeveloped but improved oceanfront property in Rosarito Baja, represents a stellar opportunity for development of a project that boasts world-class recreational activities within a short drive from the US border.

Paradise del Baja land (5.97 acres / 24,100 sq m) in Rosarito Baja California is situated in the Cantiles Dorados area, 28 miles south of the border.

Contact us:

Cell: (619) 632 7045
US (619) 270 5446
Mex (661) 100 2076