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Why Are One Million Americans Moving to Mexico?
27 August 15 01:56 PM
Now selling Bank-owned Properties For More info click here.... Scroll down to view a few of these Baja ocean properties Why Are One Million Americans Moving to Mexico? By International Living In many ways, Mexico today is like the U.S. was 50 years ago…before Read More...
Buying land near Mexico's coasts
08 April 13 01:30 PM
Written by Tim Johnson, the Mexico bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers. Read more here: For nearly a century, foreigners have been holding deeds to land near Read More...
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What is Baja?
31 October 11 01:56 PM
Expats Talk
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Rosarito Crime Rate Reaches Lowest Level
29 September 10 01:39 PM
We are Rosarito Beach and in all of Baja California are very excited that the crimne rate is going down. Way down. According to experts, we are now in average with the small western California cities. If only the US media would say the new realities, Read More...
Miami Herald/Andres Oppenheimer article: Mexico's big hope: get 5 million U.S. retirees
19 April 10 12:10 PM
BY ANDRES OPPENHEIMER MEXICO CITY -- Mexico is silently working on proposals aimed at drawing millions of U.S. retirees to this country, which could eventually lead to the most ambitious U.S.-Mexican project since the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement. Read More...

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