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Published 31 August 16 11:48 AM

Given how many TV shows don’t actually film in the actual area they take place in, it was refreshing to visit set of Fear the Walking Dead where they were filming scenes set in Mexico that were being filmed… in Mexico!

 It was an early morning on this spring day in Rosarito, Mexico as the cast and crew get to work on a scene you’ll see in this coming Sunday’s episode, “Los Muertos.” Having sat out the Nick-centric midseason premiere, “Los Muertos” catches us up with Madison (Kim Dickens), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) and Strand (Colman Domingo), as we see what their next step is, now that they’ve lost track of everyone else they were traveling with – or as Mason joked, they’d been split into “The cool kids and the not-cool kids. Obviously we’re the not-cool kids!”

As you might imagine, when we pick up with them, this group of four’s first instinct is to head back to Strand’s boat. But in the scene I watched them film, on an ocean-side cliff, they discover there’s a major impediment to this – one that has them at a loss over what to do, until Alicia comes up with a suggestion.

So how is the group handling their new dynamic? Very differently, depending on the character, with some rising to the occasion more than others.

After filming at the beach was finished for the day, we returned to Fear the Walking Dead’s local studio in Mexico — Deep Blue Sea, Pearl Harbor and Master and Commander are among the many water-based projects to film here since James Cameron had a ton of stages and tanks built to accommodate water-based scenes for Titanic — where I chatted with Debnam-Carey in front of the full size exterior Abigail boat built for the show. In fact, thanks to the tank currently being emptied for cleaning, we were standing on the floor of the tank, in what is usually a huge body of water.

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