FDI rises to $28.38 bn in Mexico

Published 23 February 16 11:15 AM

Mexico City, Feb 22 (EFE).- Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Mexico rose to $28.38 billion last year, up 25.8 percent from the preliminary $22.57 billion figure registered in 2014, the Economy Secretariat said.

"The 2015 figure is the net result of $32.81 billion in inflows minus $4.42 billion accounted for as reductions in foreign direct investment," the secretariat said in a statement.

Two transactions stood out among the inflows, the secretariat said.

The first, amounting to $2.03 billion, was related to AT&T Corp.'s aquisition of shares of wireless carriers Iusacell and Unefon in the first quarter of 2015.

The second transaction was the sale by Mexico's Vitro of operations to a U.S.-based company for $2.15 billion, a deal that was completed in the third quarter of last year.

FDI climbed to $4.89 billion in the fourth quarter.

"During the current administration, total foreign direct investment is $99.73 billion, up 61.1 percent from the figure originally reported at the end of the first three years of the preious six-year (presidential) term ($61.89 billion)," the secretariat said.

The biggest sources of FDI were the United States, accounting for 53.1 percent; Spain, with 9.6 percent; Japan, with 4.7 percent; Germany, with 4.3 percent; and Canada, with 3.8 percent.

Some 24.5 percent of FDI came from 74 other countries.


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