Invest in Baja California real estate

Published 19 February 16 02:51 PM


Are you thinking of retiring in Baja? If so, let us at Rosarito Beach Real Estate help you find the perfect housing in an ideal location. Baja real estate now is known to be some of the most beautiful property you'll find anywhere in the world. In fact, all you have to do is take a relaxing vacation now to the Baja area and you may just find yourself hooked for life. You'll be ready to find your personal space and move in!

While some Baja real estate businesses come and go, we have been in business at the Rosarito Beach Hotel since 1925. Our team, the Gustavo Torres family, knows the people and properties around Baja better than any other agency. We have more sales on record than any other agency in the region, but don't think that we treat our clients like numbers. We not only sell property, we also assist you with every step in making your purchase and move to Baja as simple and enjoyable as possible. Baja real estate is now the answer!

In addition, we have a few bank-owned oceanfront condos, that their prices are around 50% under market!


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