The New Convention Center in Rosarito will be a Great Addition to the Area

Published 30 April 13 11:26 AM
By Jack E. George

If you have been driving down the ‘toll road’ you have undoubtedly seen the huge, new building being constructed. The name is not anywhere to be seen, but, it is the Baja California Center. This is the new convention center which promises to pump millions of pesos into our area economy, starting in April, as well as bring a variety of interesting venues to the Rosarito area.

Although there is still work to be done to complete the structure local residents will be amazed to learn that our new center will offer 100,000 square feet. This is just in the exhibition area. There is also a 2200 square feet lobby along with 17 meeting rooms ranging in sizes to provide for a small or medium sized conference. These rooms add another 20,000 square feet to the center. 

The convention center is located on 10 hectares of land offering 754 parking spaces along with an adjoining area for overflow parking. The center can be reached by exiting at Rancho Del Mar. The entrance provides two newly paved lanes for entering as well as two similar lanes to exit. There will also be four lanes (two entry, and two exit lanes) at the La Perla exit.

The Baja California Center was in the planning stages for a number of years when the private sector, Tijuana, and the government sector realized and decided it was important for the area. They selected 15 different sites where the center might be located. There were a number of considerations, according to CEO Gabriel Camarena Salinas. He said, “We looked at the access to main roads, availability of hotels, the land itself, and so forth. The location we selected received the highest overall rating.” Gabriel said the total cost of the complex will be $600,000,000 pesos. He stated, “The funding comes from the federal government through the Secretary of Tourism, the state government, municipalities, and the private sector, in that order.” 

Gabriel explained, “Any kind of event, that is legal in our state, will be invited to the center. We will not rent the facility for social events such as weddings, anniversaries, showers, and that sort of program simply because we do not want to compete with the local hotels, salons, and so forth.” He stated that the center is suited more for business activities, concerts, consumer fairs and sporting events. Jair Lopez, the Executive Director, said the first event will be the National Olympics. He expects there will be 5000 people who will attend this event in the latter part of April. Jair said, “This is the Narration ceremony for the National Olympics. It is basically a ‘mini-Olympics’. The one day ceremony will be preceded by the grand opening of the convention center which will be attended by the Governor, political dignitaries, the many people who have supported the center through the years, and other guests.”
Jair said that there are already a variety of programs booked at the center as well as a number of others ‘in the making.’ For example, Jair said 2000 people attending an Amway regional conference. There will also be boxing matches, smaller conferences, and other programs that the center will host. He believes that the convention center will bring a number of prominent entertainers to the area in the future. 

Guests attending any event at the center can be assured of their safety. The center has a 24-hour security team to make certain everything runs smoothly. Also, any of the larger programs, renting the facility, will be required to hire additional security depending on the number of people in attendance. According to both Gabriel and Jair, security is a major priority. They both agreed that they never want a guest to be concerned about safety so measures are being taken to see that this goal is reached during every event.

There is no doubt that the Baja California Center is going to help our area economy. Aside from the fact that tourists are returning to Baja, the new center will bring in an additional tens of thousands of people each year. Many of these guests will need to rent a hotel room. They will need to hire taxis to get to and from their room. While in town they will need to eat at one of the numerous restaurants. While walking to get a meal they will most likely enter a number of the unique shops available in Rosarito. All of this will result in people spending more money and this can only result in helping to positively impact our economy.

Gabriel said that he is very excited about, “The possibility that the service industry and economy sector can flourish in our region. We now have the possibility to expand and explore.” He went on to say, “This was built for our local economy as well for other parts of Mexico and the world…we are seeing a lot of business from the U.S. and from the Asian community.” Jair said, “The main target is the national events and we are presently promoting in the south part of the U.S. and Mexico. Our first step is for letting people know about the facility and that we are in Baja.”

It is really exciting that Rosarito will be home to this new convention center which is offering the latest in technology, a variety of spaces to rent, as well as a beautiful architectural design. 


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