Taco trucks of San Felipe named one of the 101 best places to eat worldwide

Published 12 September 12 12:06 PM
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San Felipe gains recognition from fish tacos 
The tacos of San Felipe, a town on the coast of Baja California in Mexico, are getting global recognition. Earlier this month, the Daily Beast published the Newsweek article “Top Chefs Choose 101 Best Places to Eat Around the World.” Renowned chefs participated in this global survey in order to compile a list of must-eats. Representing Mexico are the delicious tacos – specifically from taco trucks – located downtown San Felipe. The article recommends trying the carnitas and al carbon tacos, but the true specialty of San Felipe is its fish tacos.

San Felipe is a charming fishing village and is a popular vacation spot for those looking to relax. The world famous fish tacos are made with freshly caught fish, and are seemingly around every corner. Some consider this town to actually be the birthplace of fish tacos.

The fish is either grilled or fried, and sometimes there are other seafood options such as shrimp tacos available. Small bowls of homemade condiments are provided at each taco truck to cater to individual taste. There are red and green chili salsas, chopped vegetables, limes, onions, and mayonnaise-types sauces, along with a variety of red pepper sauces for additional spice.

Fish tacos have become rather beloved outside of the Baja area, having made their way into many restaurants on the U.S. West Coast. While their popularity has spread, there is yet to be found a fish taco as delicious as the original, located in beautiful San Felipe.


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