Sanoviv Medical Institute: A Unique Integrative Medical Experience

Published 04 September 12 12:47 PM

Baja Times Volume XLIV, Number 183 September 1-15, 2012

First, the focus is on you.

Then, we keep focusing on you.

Finally, we focus on you some more.


Sanoviv Medical Institute is a state of the art facility that offers alternative, holistic and integrative health programs to treat a wide range of chronic health conditions. Such conditions include autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and neurological conditions. Sanoviv also treats individuals who have not yet been diagnosed or have been diagnosed with multiple disorders. There are also many individuals who come to Sanoviv annually for an integrative physical, biological dental treatment or a week of general detoxification and relaxation.

Guests of Sanoviv come from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and China.

Myron Wentz, PhD, founded Sanoviv Medical Institute based on a new approach to healing. Sanoviv embodies clean living and provides the healthiest, non-toxic environment for the body to heal, but the most important factor in Dr. Wentz`s vision is a truly integrated approach to assessing and treating each guest according to their biochemical individuality. He felt it was important to focus on the whole person, while incorporating the fields of Medicine, Energy Medicine, Psychology, Nutrition, Biological Dentistry, Chiropractic, Fitness and Body Work into the guest`s healing journey. Under his guidance, Sanoviv has developed a treatment modality that integrates these different health disciplines to synergistically heal the body, mind and spirit.

Sanoviv overlooks the Bahia del Descanso (Bay of Rest), a location specifically chosen for its unique, health-related benefits. The location has an “unusual combination of climatic, geophysical, atmospheric and geomagnetic factors,” all of which contribute to optimal health. Dr. Wentz was involved with the building of Sanoviv, making sure non-toxic materials were used in everything from the pipes, to the paint, floors, furniture, bedding, and water. All of this was created 12 years ago, before the “green movement.”

The grounds of Sanoviv are an integral part of the experience. After construction, the dirt was replaced with pristine topsoil. Guests are encouraged to walk barefoot on the grass, a practice known as “earthing,” which helps to balance their energy fields and detoxify from the world of electro-pollution. Also outside are unique salt water Thalasso Therapy pools, as well as a lap pool and an infinity pool used for relaxation and water fitness classes. All pools are chlorine-free.

The health care includes an integrated team of medical doctors, dentists, psychologists, chiropractors, nutritionists, fitness experts and spa therapists that assess and treat your health issues. Guests are served nutritious, organic meals, participate in daily mediation, fitness, spa therapies and education to help rejuvenate their health. Detoxification is an essential part of the Sanoviv experience, so guests are asked to refrain from using lotions, make-up, and other skin products that may block the body’s largest organ—the skin—from optimal detoxification. The Sanoviv team works together to rebuild a person’s health from the cellular level up. To learn more about what Sanoviv offers, please visit us at or call us today at (661) 614-9200 in Mexico, or (800) 726-6848 


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