One for All: The 3rd Annual Rosarito Beach

Published 04 September 12 12:00 PM


As the dates, October 3rd through October 7th, for this epic event approach, those of you who have not attended either (or both) of the first two iterations held in the sublime setting of the ocean-front gardens of the Rosarito Beach Hotel are probably wondering why you should dive in this year. If you`re like many gringos, your exposure to the iconic music of Mexico has been probably been limited to listening to itinerant street musicians, coming between you and your botanas y bebidas, playing for tips in local cantinas. If this is where you`re at on the exposure continuum, prepare to have your preconceived (and extremely limited) notions blown away and apart.

The colorful performances at this year`s Festival are definitely the major reason that it has already become Mexico`s second largest encuentro (trailing only Guadalajara`s abuelo of them all, in operation since 1984) but it is far from the only one. It contains elements of education AND entertainment for everyone, regardless of where you are located on the spectrum of aficionados. In fact, UNESCO (the United Nation`s Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) awarded this historic and incredibly entertaining art form (when performed by classically trained maestros) its Patrimony on November 27th, 2011, calling mariachi "...Mexico`s outstanding cultural and musical contribution to the world."

In addition to what you will see and hear in October, you should also know that the spectacle has a very special `ulterior` motive. It is a fund-raiser with ALL...100%...of the net proceeds going towards changing the lives of the at-risk children of the country. No one profits from this event except the youngsters of Playas de Rosarito who are becoming an integral part of a fabled, United States- based, charitable organization.

The whole concept of the Boys and Girls Club of America started in 1906 when three New England matrons came up with the idea of getting wayward youths off of the street. Today there are over 4000 clubs in the U.S. and it is the largest 501.c-3 non-profit charity of its kind working exclusively with youths aged 6 through 16. The cover article of the current (August 2012) issue of Delta Airlines in-flight magazine, SKY, is titled "Paying It Forward" and it features one of the most famous American alumni of the BGCA, actor and philanthropist Denzel Washington. Mexico is now fervently embracing the idea and its proven results. Two Clubs have recently been built south-of-the-border and are up-and-running in Tijuana and Nogales, Sonora. The third location...and the sole beneficiary of the Festival that is the subject of this Baja California`s Rosarito Beach.


You can get all the details about the October happenings including the specific dates, the special hotel rates, ticket packages, the Talleres (Student Workshops), the Participant`s Showcase, the mariachi & folklórico `Olympics` pitting the best from Mexico and the U.S against each other in a friendly Competencia, the Saturday evening (October 6th) Extrvaganza featuring the Grammy Award-winning Mariachi Divas and other top international performers, as well as the People`s Choice two-day sing-off, by visiting the Facebook event page, dated October 3rd, or by clicking onto the right side, under Festival, of the updated website whose easily accessed internet address

To jump start the process, as soon as you have decided you want to attend, contact Dorela or Edward at the Rosarito Beach Hotel (US toll free: 1-800-343-8582 or, in Mexico: 1-661-612-1106) to book your room reservations. Special rates begin at $59 per night for double occupancy ocean-front accommodations. Then contact Rosy Torres at her cell phone: (044)-661-850-1773, to purchase your tickets where ALL…100%...of the net proceeds go to the benefit of the Club de Ninos y Ninas Sección Rosarito. Ticket prices for individual events begin at $10 with reduced prices available for children 12 and under. Rosy will also be organizing tours of the two Club facilities already under construction so when you talk with her make sure you get those details, too..

Last, but not least, if you’d like to be a Padrino de los Talleres (Patron of the Workshops) and sponsor a young musician or dancer for the entire five-day life-changing experience, please let Rosy know and she’ll get you all that information, as well.

Alexander Dumas had D`Artagnan, the hero of his classic novel "The Three Musketeers," say it first and best, but it has never been truer than when used in conjunction with this multi-cultural event, the people who will enjoy it, and the children who will benefit from the generosity of the padrinos: One for All, All for One!!! 


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