Rosarito Student 2012 Film Festival

Published 25 July 12 11:58 AM


 5th Annual Rosarito Student Film Festival

The 5th Annual Rosarito Film Festival once again will be held at the Rosarito Beach Hotel August 5-12, 2012. The RFF is a collaboration of students and alumni from Emerson College-Boston, LA Program, The Rosarito Beach Hotel and Campus Movie Fest, which began five years ago as part of a grass roots campaign to show the safety of Rosarito Beach as a tourist destination in the wake of the drug cartel crisis. (see The week long activity provides students with cameras and editing equipment. as well as professional expertise, necessary to complete their first film on a topic related to Rosarito. The films are premiered at Baja Studios on Sunday August 12, and have been shown around the world in cities including New York, L.A., Barcelona, Santiago, London and Paris. 

Any student Resident of Rosarito who has an interest in this project is encouraged to apply by completing an application and sending it to Dr. Gregory Payne at by July 16, 2012.
Past participants can apply for a limited number of RFF-Ambassador assistants to work with production staff by contacting Dr. Payne at the address above 



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