Anthony Bourdain's fave Tijuana restaurants and bars

Published 25 July 12 12:42 PM

July 16 2012 

It was at last weekend’s Comic-Con, where renowned food critic Anthony Bourdain presented the first issue of his “Get Jiro!” comic, but what surprised everyone was when he invited people to go to one of Tijuana’s new restaurants: Mision 19, by Chef Javier Plascencia.

Bourdain, who has traveled through the world looking for the best food while meeting all kinds of culinary traditions, visited Baja California a few months back to shoot an episode of his “No Reservations” TV show. While in Tijuana, he was captivated by the dishes of Javier Plascencia in his restaurant.

During one of the interviews the usual question of “What do you recommend to eat in San Diego?” popped up, Bourdain answered that, not to offend any of the great places San Diego had to offer, but the best advice was to go south of the border and visit Mision 19, a unique experience.

His team also handed out a list of his favorite places in Tijuana, the ones he went to while shooting his show. The list was made up of bars, restaurants and small venues that have been gaining recognition thanks to their food; some are even street food carts:

1.Mision 19

Phone : (664) 6342493

2. Terraza Vallarta

3.Las Ahumaderas

4.Kentucky Fried Buches

5.Tortas el Tribi

6.El sótano suizo

Phone (664) 6848834

7.El Dandy del Sur

Phone (664) 6880052 (We made a visit too, this was our experience).

8.La Mezcalera

It is clear that Baja conquered Anthony’s palate and his word has become an excellent presentation card to the new Baja-Med gastronomy.

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