Hugo Torres Recognized for his Service to Mexico and the USA

Published 16 July 12 12:31 PM

By Ron Raposa Media Services 

Rosarito Beach, Mexico -- Several hundred people attended a July 10 ceremony in Tijuana at which former Rosarito mayor and hotel owner Hugo Torres was honored by the Sales and Marketing Executives of Tijuana as their organization's 2012 Distinguished Executive and Socially Responsible Businessman.

The award was presented to Mr. Torres for his many years of involvement in the social, political and business life of Rosarito and Baja California, including many projects to build stronger relationships between the United States and Baja California.

Mr. Torres, principal owner of the historic Rosarito Beach Hotel, has been a fixture in the Baja California and Rosarito business and political scenes for decades. He led the effort to incorporate Rosarito as a city in 1995, and twice served as city mayor.

As mayor from 2007 to 2010, he reformed the city police department, led Rosarito to its lowest crime rate in history, established a tourist police force, and worked closely with Baja California and San Diego officials on international projects.

"I am very honored to have been selected by this outstanding group, and to receive recognition for the importance of social responsibility," Mr. Torres said.

"As mayor of Rosarito from 2007 to 2010, I did things to make the city more welcoming to our visitors. We cleaned up the police department and started a special tourist police force. Those things were needed and were socially responsible things to do. They led to Rosarito in 2010 having its lowest crime rate ever.

"Aside from that, I have made it my mission in the past few years to spread the message that Baja is safe. That unrest in Ciudad Juarez doesn't mean unrest in Baja. That those who avoid criminal activity also avoid crime, be it in Rosarito or New Orleans. It's a message that needs to be told repeatedly."

"We're starting to see the results of efforts like that," he said. "At the Rosarito Beach Hotel, after several very bad years, we're having our best summer in memory."

The award presentation was preceded by a video featuring highlights of Mr. Torres' life, from childhood to today. Along with business and political leaders, Mr. Torres wife Rosa Maria and the couple's five sons and daughters attended the ceremony, as did several expatriate residents of Rosarito.

Earlier this year Mr. Torres was honored by LEAD San Diego with its Charles Nathanson Memorial Award for Cross-Border Region Building.

Mr. Torres also has been a strong supporter of the arts, education and various social programs. He is president of the Baja Image Committee, a group devoted to promoting a positive and accurate portrait of Baja California on the region and in the United States.


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