Robert Redford returns to the big screen with All is Lost

Published 23 May 12 10:48 AM

It was back in 2007 when we last saw Robert Redford on the big screen with Lions for Lambs which he also directed. Now The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the actor will return from the hand of JC Chandor with the filmAll is Lost, a story of survival at sea a man that Lionsgate will distribute.

Chandor met Redford in the Sundance Film Festival last year when the latter presented Margin Call and after rumors that the actor could participate in his next film, Redford and Chandor finally reached an agreement. The film will have the same producers of her debut, Before the Door Pictures and will begin filming this summer in Baja Studios Rosarita Beach, Mexico, which was built by the Fox Titanic. 

The film will be financed also by the almost brand new FilmNation the famous producer Glen Basner, who was highly excited to join a renowned actor and a promising young filmmaker:


 "The combination of an exciting, new director and actor Robert Redford is iconic as a collaboration of the audience around the world will take notice.

By the time Redford is the only actor in this release confirmed to take place almost exclusively at sea and I would bet that after the incredible deal that got Chandor for his first film, and considering that now has won itself a large and Redford, names that may arise in the coming months to complete the deal will likely be very striking.

Currently the tireless Robert Redford is in post production the film The Company you Keep in whom also we will see in front of the camera next to Shia LaBeouf and Julie Christie, playing Jim Grant, an undercover activist go after a reporter who has discovered his identity. So here this is probably the role he really get to see the big screen after five years without action. Yet the good news to know that active, both in front and behind the camera, really promising projects.

Personally I will be very attentive to All is Lost having been Margin call a true demonstration of quality management with great performances. I value a director, and screenwriter, who managed what others so far not been able: to understand financial and economic crisis. Furthermore, if All is Lost focuses on a story of survival, as has my attention almost won. 


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