The Landmark Rosarito Beach Hotel Establishes Easter Weekend Records

Published 21 May 12 10:59 AM
By Ron Raposa

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---The landmark Rosarito Beach Hotel this Easter weekend had its highest occupancy rate in a decade and the largest number of guests in its 87-year history.

The Friday and Saturday occupancy rates of up to 88 percent were the highest for the holiday in 10 years. With the hotel expansion in 2008 from 230 rooms and suites to 500, those figures this year gave the hotel its largest number of Easter weekend guests ever.

“This was a wonderful turnout for both the hotel and all of Rosarito,” said hotel owner Hugo Torres. “It’s an excellent indicator that regional tourism should have a strong summer.”

Other parts of Baja also had a strong Easter weekend, which included improvements in domestic tourism, a category that has been especially strong in recent years.

While hotel occupancy increased by 17 percent in 2011 from the year before, the region had seen significant declines in tourism the few previous years, partly because of some highly publicized violence among drug cartels in various parts of Mexico.

“That though was largely confined to the cartels; in fact Rosarito had its lowest crime rate ever in 2010,” Torres said. “However, it’s taken time for people to realize that we are a very safe and extremely welcoming tourist destination.”

“Now that message has gotten out to the U.S. --- largely through our expatriate and other residents --- and U.S. visitors are returning and apparently will continue to do so this year in significantly larger numbers,” he added.

Torres also is president of the Baja Image Committee, a public-private group that works to distribute accurate information about the region.

In addition, the Rosarito Beach Hotel is promoting special packages and rates to attract visitors. Those include some rates as low as $109 in its 18-story Pacifico tower, which opened in 2008 with 271 luxury suites. This Easter weekend was the first time it has been filled.

The hotel offers fast passes to guests for quicker border crossings when they return to the U.S. plus a number of special events to make their stays more enjoyable.

This year, Cinco de Mayo weekend coincides with the spring edition of the very popular Rosarito-Ensenada 50-Mile Fun Bike Ride and oceanfront packages are offered starting at $79. The offer is both for people wanting to spend Cinco de Mayo in the holiday’s home country and those involved in the ride, which has attracted hundreds of thousands over more than 30 years.

On July 7 the Flying Samaritans will hold its third annual July 4th Beach Barbeque at the hotel. The gala seaside event attracts hundreds from the city’s 14,000-member expatriate community as well as visitors from the U.S. All profits benefit the group’s free clinics.

“We’ve got many other promotions this year, including our Spring Romance spa and wine package from $99, plus those who spend a $100 at the hotel get a complimentary Fast Pass to speed their return border crossing,” said hotel sales and marketing director Daniel Torres.

More details on these promotions plus many others offered at the legendary hotel are available at

The Rosarito Beach Hotel and Resort is a Baja landmark that has hosted millions of visitors since opening in 1925. With more than 500 rooms and suites, its amenities include restaurants, bars and an elegant spa. A luxurious 18-story tower with 271 suites opened four years ago.

The Rosarito Beach Hotel also offers time shares and full ownership of luxury suites through its condo-hotel program. 


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