Chef Anthony Bourdain dishes on travel, family

Published 01 May 12 11:32 AM

The Travel Channel host likes Baja's creative chefs but not his 5-year-old's culinary choices.


Food guru Anthony Bourdain, 55, visits Finland, Portugal, Malaysia and Croatia in the eighth season of Travel Channel’s No Reservations.

But his favorite is Baja, Mexico. “There’s an incredible culinary scene going on there at a time when the tourist industry has been pretty much devastated,” he says. “I was really impressed by the do-it-yourself attitude of the chefs. They’re cooking as innovatively as they can for Mexican clientele. Parts of Baja, Mexico, are really beginning to resemble Tuscany.”

The foreign land he has yet to conquer is the palate of his daughter, Ariane, 5. Her favorite foods are “grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta with butter and hot dogs,” Bourdain says. “I don’t want to twist her arm, but I’d much rather see her eat sheeps’ eyeballs” than fast food.

Because of travel, Bourdain has little time to cook. Exception: “When my wife’s family visits from Italy, I’m ridiculously, goofily happy, and I volunteer to cook every night.”


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