Published 26 March 12 02:00 PM
During an era when some people wonder if it is still safe to travel in Baja California, it was refreshing to witness the throngs of visiting Americans, ex-pats and local residents that packed themselves into Ensenada’s Riviera Del Pacifico conference center yesterday to sip tasty Baja wines and munch on finger foods while schmoozing with dignitaries, business professionals and other guests who were present at the festive event. 
Speakers on hand included Ensenada Mayor, Enrique Pelayo Torres, Baja’s Secretary of Tourism, Juan Tintos, Baja Director of International Relations, Sigfrido Pineda and former Mayor of Rosarito Beach, Hugo Torres Chabert. The Mega Mixer proved to be an effective vehicle for raising awareness regarding the unique recreational and residential opportunities that are available in Baja Norte and throughout the Baja peninsula.

In a separate exclusive interview, Secretary of Tourism, Juan Tintos, offered his assurance to all U.S. anglers staying in Mexico 72 hours or less that there is absolutely no need for them to obtain a visa to go fishing in northern Baja if they are towing their own boat down or going out with a local sportfishing operation. His clarification was offered in response to previous allegations by some U.S. sportfishing operators that all foreign anglers fishing in Mexican waters would now need to carry current visa documentation in addition to their valid Mexican fishing license to fish there. No license is ever required to fish from shore, a jetty, pier or other land based platform. 
From the standpoint of ‘petro-tourism’, the cruise port city of Ensenada with its Mediterranean like climate offers a near perfect solution for southern Californians looking for a quality bargain getaway that keeps getting better as soon as they drive across the International Border. At the current exchange rate, regular gasoline at the state run Pemex stations runs about $2.97 a gallon, as opposed to over $4.30 a gallon in San Diego and Los Angeles.

With the conspicuous presence of several branches of the Mexican military along with federal, state and local police, Ensenada has gained that reputation of being perhaps the safest city in Mexico; it is also distinguished by the fact that, per capita, it boasts the highest preponderance of advanced academic degrees in all of Latin America.


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