Baja Mexico Real Estate Becoming Popular

Published 21 June 11 10:26 AM

By Taylor White

Baja Mexico property has become a popular option as many people purchase second homes or utilize this region as a destination for tourism. However property investing here is affordable and plentiful.

Baja Mexico property is growing in value and continues to be one of the best locations to buy in Mexico. For those who visited the region in the past, and who are returning to call it home, real estate in Baja is still relatively affordable and readily available, though the continued increase in population here has led to numerous reductions in available inventory. Options in property here range from highly affordable to luxurious and expensive. In some areas, the property is the most expensive in the country.

Baja, more formally known as Baja California, is one of 31 states in the country of Mexico. It is on the northernmost and westernmost area of Mexico, on the Baja Peninsula. With a population of 3.1 million people, the region is large and growing. It sits right on the Pacific Ocean, near to the United States, making it an easy destination to get to for Americans. About 75 percent of the state's population lives in the capitol city of Mexicali, or in Ensenada or Tijuana. Each of these areas as well as San Felipe, Playas de Rosarito and Tecate are important to the property market here.

The most valuable of all property is on the coastline. Many people who buy here do so to take advantage of the warm, peaceful Pacific Ocean. Baja real estate for sale in this area offers a wide number of property options, but most are single family homes, townhomes or apartments, with apartments being the most common option for those who are buying from overseas. In addition to this, just outside the larger cities, and in areas such as San Felipe and Tecate, larger homesteads are available. Some of these pose the most value potential depending on their location.

That looking for Baja rentals will find apartments the most commonly available property here, however renting a home, is also possible. Baja Mexico property listings provide a range of options in price ranges, with the most basic facilities being the least expensive. The more remote the location is, the lower the price. However, Baja property for sale continues to build and grow, with some areas seeing a price per square foot of as high as US $2000 in areas where it cost $20 a square foot just 20 years ago. Those buying Baja property are likely to see their investment grow over time, though there is no telling when prices will even out.


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