Merger Creates Baja’s Real Estate Powerhouse

Published 11 May 11 12:50 PM

Merger Creates Baja’s Real Estate Powerhouse

Ensenada´s Star Brokerage Joins RE/MAX Baja!!!!

One of the largest and most successful independent real estate offices in northern Baja, Instantips Realty, has joined the RE/MAX network.

Ricardo Bolio, broker of Instantips Realty, negotiated the merger of their multi-agent office with RE/MAX. Bolio, along with Leonora Noriega, Maria Teresa Lopez, Ana Maria Bolio and …. Bolio  have worked and operated one of the top producing Real Estate agencies in Baja for the last ten years. Salvador Diaz and Arturo Sandoval from the original Remax Baja will be joining them. Ricardo had the following comment: “We chose RE/MAX over others because of their prestige and customer service, but most of all, as it allowed us to place our efforts on our first priority -- helping buyers and sellers accomplish their ultimate goals.”

Gustavo Torres, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Baja Realty had this comment on the merger between Grupo Inmobiliario Instantips and RE/MAX; “We are going to see a lot more mergers like this around the country. RE/MAX excels at giving their brokers and agents the most extensive training, the best technology, and the best systems in the real estate industry. In Northern Baja we have experienced an increase in market share as more and more agents have realized the advantages that RE/MAX provides for them, especially in today’s real estate market.”

Ricardo Bolio went on to say, “We won’t need to be involved in the day-to-day operations of an office; instead we’ll be free to do what we do best, and that is interacting with people and helping buyers and sellers achieve their dreams in Baja.” We had a few choices, but after weighing them all, RE/MAX gave us the freedom and the tools we needed to be successful. With RE/MAX we receive an international exposure, marketing tools, a well-established website, and the world-wide recognition that comes from a well-respected company like RE/MAX. We’re very thankful for the warm welcome we’ve received from our new broker and colleagues.”

This merger is part of an ongoing strategy from RE/MAX Baja Realty’s growth initiative that began last year. RE/MAX Baja brokerage was established in 2004 when Rosarito Beach Real Estate, the most successful Rosarito real estate office, became a RE/MAX office.

The new office name is to be RE/MAX Instantips!

 “Ricardo, his partners, and their agents will be a tremendous addition to our expanding team. They have relentless energy and Ricardo is the new president of AMPI Ensenada (the Realtor Association) and a nonstop professional realtor,” says Gustavo Torres, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Baja Realty. “They do whatever it takes to help clients sell or find the homes of their dreams. They don’t simply list a property; they follow through until the home is sold. This level of energy and extra effort is why Grupo Inmobiliario Instantips has been a top real estate company and why RE/MAX is the right place for them.”

Ana Rocio Madrigal de Bolio, one of the principals of Grupo Inmobiliario Instantips, had the following statement about the merger: “We chose to be affiliated with RE/MAX because of Gustavo Torres’ wonderful background and strong community ties,” adding that “Gustavo has done everything possible to make us feel at home and able to get up and running immediately. The merger gives us the opportunity to provide the highest level of service to our buyers and sellers. We are looking forward to working with the respected professional agents that are part of the RE/MAX network.”

RE/MAX Baja Realty is the second-largest real estate office in Baja and #1 in sales in Rosarito Beach, with over 44 percent of the market. With the addition of Grupo Inmobiliario InstantTips” team, RE/MAX Baja Realty Instantips is poised to become the leader in Baja California. The firm is an attractive option for real estate agents looking to relocate with a proven successful broker.

“By Inmobiliario InstantTips joining RE/MAX, it proves once again that the RE/MAX system is the best for all real estate professionals who want to succeed and operate their own business. Most of all it allows us to work with other successful top professionals,” affirms Arturo Sandoval, Top producer of the former RE/MAX Baja Realty Ensenada.


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