The Baja Love Ride

Published 26 January 11 02:55 PM

NEW 2011 ROUTE: The Baja Love Ride, a “ride for a cause”, is forced to change the start date and ride route. The date is being changed from February 14 to March 22. Originally set to begin in Rosarito Beach, the ride will now begin at Monumental Plaza in Tijuana.

Due to unforeseen events, the organizers have had to modify the original planned event. The previously promoted 1000 mile course from Rosarito to Cabo San Lucas has had be shortened considerably. The 2011 ride will now be a 217 mile (349 km) course from Monumental Plaza in Playas de Tijuana to the Aches of San Felipe.

All riders in this year's event will receive a FREE ticket to the 2011 Blues & Arts Fiesta being held March 26th, the following day in San Felipe.


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