Wall Mural, “A Happy Day at the Beach” Dedicated by Mayor Torres

Published 01 September 10 01:02 PM

People working together make it happen; local artists praise wall's beauty and happiness.


A retired American, living in Rosarito, had an amazing vision. His dream was to expose the children of Rosarito to the beauty and appreciation of art, to beautify the city, and to bring together all the various peoples of Rosarito.

He decided that painting a happy fun-filled mural on a graffiti-covered wall in town was the best way to accomplish all three, by getting all aspects of the city involved - Mexican children and teen-agers, older American retirees, and anyone in between! And, after six months of planning and sketching, and two months of painting, the mural is done. It is on the south side of the sports field, just north of Ejido Mazatlan Shopping Center, a block north of Waldo's, on the road leading to La Estancia Restaurant.

All of the artist's dreams came true during the experience. Over 30 Mexican children, ranging in age from 8 to 28, worked side by side with octogenarian Americans to create a beautiful work of art. They taught each other, learned from each other, appreciated art together, learned to appreciate each other, smiled and laughed together, accepted each other in spite of cultural, language, age, skin color, and political differences, and created a beautiful work of art for everyone in the community to be proud of and to accept as their own.

Moodie Diego Baker is the man who made it all happen, with the help of Armando Gonzalez de la Fuente of Artes por Todas Partes, the office of the Presidente, Sr. Hugo Torres Chabert, Marcos and others from ICBC, and especially two young gifted local artists, Tony Hernandez and Erick Infante. But the real winners were the people, young and old, who worked together.
The name of the mural is "Un Dia Feliz en la Playa", or "A Happy Day at the Beach".

On Saturday, August 14th, an inauguration fiesta was held at the site, with a band playing and people smiling and laughing as they admired the almost-two hundred foot long work. Street lights in the area were repaired, the police blocked off the streets, and a wonderful happy time was had by all.

Armando Gonzalez de la Fuente of Artes por Todas Partes praised everyone involved and vowed to continue his efforts to create more murals throughout the city and to expose as many school-children as possible to the beauty of art in all forms. Presidente del Municipio de Rosarito, Senor Hugo Torres Chabert, thanked Moodie Diego for all his hard work, his vision for building a better community, and for volunteering his time and energy. The Mayor promised his continued support for the arts, saying he realizes how important it is for the children and how it benefits everyone in the community.

Moodie Diego Baker said, "My goal in creating this mural was to expose the beauty of art to the children, and their parents, of Rosarito by creating a happy and exciting mural. The title is "A happy Day at the beach", and as you can see, there is much to enjoy and be happy about here, especially with such a beautiful beach and sparkling ocean at our doorstep.

All of us, young and old, rich and poor, white and brown, can make a difference by working together, and that shows in this mural. We hope it makes you smile when you walk by it for years to come. I am grateful to the City of Rosarito and "Artes por Todas Partes" for giving me the opportunity to give something back to the community that I love. VIVA ROSARITO!!!!

Rosarito Beach is well-known already for its many incredible professional artists and galleries. Projects like the wall mural will allow people who may not be able to afford to buy a professional work of art to still enjoy art in Rosarito, and continue to establish the City as a center of Art and culture in northern Baja.

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