New Presidential Permit Lauded by South County EDC. San Diego-Tijuana Airport Cross Border Facility approved.

Published 05 August 10 02:12 PM

San Diego, CA: Demonstrating its commitment to a 21st century border that promotes economic competitiveness while enhancing security, the Department of State has issued a Presidential permit for an innovative U.S.-Mexico border crossing in California. The permit allows Otay-Tijuana Venture L.L.C., a bi-national investment group, to build and operate the San Diego-Tijuana Airport Cross Border Facility (CBF). The project sponsor hopes to begin construction in 2011.

The South County Economic Development Council (SCEDC) was instrumental in starting this effort and have had a vested interest in it for over 10 years, stated Tony McCune, founding member of SCEDC and chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. We are eager to finally see it come to fruition. This will be an important economic engine on both sides of the border. SCEDC Board Members began their exploration of this idea in an effort to give U.S. travelers an alternative to the increasingly congested Lindbergh Field.

As both sides of the border share economic resources, particularly travel and tourism, forging this bi-national relationship will enable economic progress on both ends. The bi-national region is looking to both sides of the border to capture opportunities that will benefit both business and civic entities, encouraging additional investments in the region. This is a historic day for our region, said SCEDC CEO Cindy Gompper-Graves. We are one step closer to using assets on the south side of the border to address concerns over air travel constraints on the north side of the border.

The CBF concept is an enclosed pedestrian bridge across the U.S.-Mexico border linking a passenger facility in San Diego (initially containing customs inspection facilities, parking, and ground transportation) with the commercial passenger airport in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. The CBF is intended to provide U.S. originating or destined air travelers quick, secure,

and reliable access to flights at the Tijuana Airport, reduce congestion at neighboring border crossings, and curb economic losses associated with border delays. Issuance of the permit by the Department is in support of its efforts to create an environment of ease for trade and travel between the United States and Mexico.

This is a highly complex project, and we still have a long way to go, said Greg Rose of Equity Group Investments. We look forward to our continued work with local and federal agencies, and we appreciate the tremendous support we’ve received from the business, civic and community leadership throughout the region.

Under Executive Order 11423, as amended, the Secretary of State may issue Presidential permits for international border crossings after finding that they would be in the national interest.

This Presidential Permit for this key addition to our region's border infrastructure is great news for San Diego, said San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. This project will facilitate safe and secure travel for San Diegans and visitors, which is good for the economies of both San Diego and Baja California.

About the South County EDC

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