Baja’s Legendary Rosarito Beach Hotel Now Celebrating 85 Star-Studded Years

Published 30 June 10 12:39 PM


The Rosarito Beach Hotel, Baja’s largest and mostfamous oceanfront resort, is celebrating its 85th anniversary thisyear with special events and special prices.

The 500-room hotel which has hosted movies stars,leading politicians and millions of people since opening in 1925 has as itstheme: It’s Our Anniversary --- And We’ve Got Gifts For You.

“We could not have grown as we have without thesupport of so many people over decades and generations,” executive directorLaura Torres said of the hotel which remains owned by its founding family. “Wewanted to thank them as well as celebrating.”

Events range from concerts to fireworks.  Weekday specials include a limited number ofrooms for $85 in the new Pacifico Tower, and a $79 dinner and room special inthe Coronado Tower, including free lodging for two children.

In addition anyone born in 1925 or before can receivea free night. Tours have been added, including the nearby wine country. Fridaycheck-in time has been moved to 1 so people have three free hours to starttheir weekend.

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What was then a 12-room hunting lodge opened in 1925.The first advertisement for the new hotel ran in the San Diego Union in Maythat year.

Entrepreneur Manuel Barbachano bought it in 1929 andbegan stylish expansions, including a mansion for his wife, actress Maria LuisaChabert. What once was the mansion now is elegant Chabert’s restaurant andgraceful Casa Playa Spa.

The beautiful oceanfront hotel attracted Hollywoodroyalty --- including Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra, MarilynMonroe, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas. Britney Spears spent the day acouple years ago.

 “For decades,it was the hot spot for the Hollywood crowd,” said owner Hugo Torres, who alsois the current mayor of Rosarito.

The hotel added its Playas tower in 1984, the Coronadotower in 1994 and a wooden pier in 2000. The 271-suite 18-story Pacifico tower--- which offers ownership as well as luxurious lodging --- opened in 2008.

 “We hope thatmany of those we have hosted during the years help us celebrate and that otherswill discover us this year,” Laura Torres said. 


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