Rosarito Harley Charity Run

Published 03 June 10 12:37 PM

As you all know, our destination is Rosarito, Baja California but the children of Ensenada and Tijuana also benefit greatly from this charity event. There have been lots of changes made not only to enhance our experience but also to make Rosarito in general a much safer place to visit and there is no doubt in my mind that this year's event is going to be the best ever!  My wife and I have been making regular trips to Baja and the enhancements are pretty obvious; the police for example have a new perspective on how to better protect and serve the community as well as going above and beyond to cater to us tourists. The level of courtesy shown to us is astounding, and it seems to be safer now than I can ever remember, and as you know, we have been going down there for years. Since Rosarito's main source of revenue is tourism, the hotels, bars, and restaurants are literally going out of their way to make our stay as memorable as possible. We are treated like royalty! 

Obviously, we have all heard these negative reports coming from the news media but in reality, most of them are isolated incidents and are blown out of proportion!!! Remember, these are the same people who see a drop of rain and it instantly becomes "Storm Watch 2010."  Let me assure you that we have gone to great lengths to ensure your safety and the safety of my own family who I would never put in harms way! We always use the Otay Border (Not Tijuana Border) and ride to rosarito on the new toll free highway that has great scenery. 
As for our riders, I expect most people who have attended the past Rosarito Runs to join us again, and am optimistic about seeing a lot of new faces who have heard from others what an amazing experience this event has been. Not only do the police escort us with literally hundreds and hundreds of Harleys in one mile long pack, but the off-the-hook party at Papa’s and Beer lasts into the early morning hours!   I have also made arrangements with Mexican Federal Police to escort us back to the border so it's just as safe returning home.


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