Aetna Introduces New Cross-Border Health Plan That Lets Workers Decide Where to Access Care

Published 14 May 10 01:35 PM

Vitalidad Plus(SM) California con Aetna provides affordable benefit option for those who prefer to receive care in California or Mexico

"Aetna recognizes that it is important for our members to be able to receive health care in a language and cultural setting they understand and feel comfortable with," said Beth Andersen, president of Aetna's West Region. "Vitalidad Plus(SM) offers employers an affordable health option that lets their employees receive care in whichever setting they prefer."

Vitalidad Plus(SM) California con Aetna is an HMO plan that features 100 percent coverage for qualified preventative care, including immunizations and child and adult wellness exams. Employers can select four different copayment levels for employees. Members and their family members will select a primary care physician in California or one of the SIMNSA physicians in Mexico.

Plan documents and customer service are available in both Spanish and English. In addition, members can visit Aetna's Spanish language web site to search for participating doctors and hospitals, and obtain information on a variety of Aetna health programs and products.

"People are more likely to get routine care and stay healthier when they have a primary care physician they can relate to," Andersen said. "With access to Aetna's provider network in California as well as the SIMNSA network in Mexico, we believe we can help members achieve their optimal health."

Members in Vitalidad Plus(SM) California con Aetna will be able to participate in Aetna's maternity management, heart health, diabetes and weight management programs, as well as Aetna's other disease management and wellness programs.


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