Rosarito Commends 3 Women For Work on Baja Blonde Reality TV Program

Published 26 March 10 12:59 PM

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---The city has recognized three women for their work on developing a reality TV show that highlights the beauty, attractions and advantages of living in Baja California.

City Mayor Hugo Torres on Wednesday presented a plaque to Susanna Stehr, Debbie Shine and Robin Mackenzie, the trio of U.S. women who comprise the Baja Blondes.



Ms. Stehr lives in Rosarito where she owns a restaurant, Ms. Shine is an interior designer living here and Ms. Mackenzie is a writer/producer who lives both in the United States and Baja.

The three have produced a pilot for a reality TV series they hope will be broadcast in the U.S. It shows the beauty, comfort and relaxing pace of life in Baja. The series would feature fascinating regional people and places, as well as highlight the personalities of the women.

With media coverage focusing largely on Mexico’s crackdown on drug cartels many people in the U.S. have lost sight of the fact that Baja is a wonderful, safe and welcoming place to visit and live, Ms. Stehr said. That has hurt many people and businesses here.

Mayor Torres said the Baja Blondes are excellent ambassadors for Rosarito and the region because they show the actual lives of U.S. women living and working here, which gives what they say added credibility.

Those who gathered in the mayor’s office for the presentation. including city council members and other officials, also were shown a video clip of a recent Channel 5 San Diego interview which featured the Baja Blondes.

(Attached photo shows, from left, Debbie Shine, Susanna Stehr, Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres and Robin Mackenzie,)


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