Weekly Fishing Column: Rosarito Beach welcomes anglers

Published 16 February 10 01:18 PM

By Phil Friedman,

Arturo Martinez from the tourism department was at the National Sports Grill in Torrance Thursday at 7 p.m., to talk about a weekend trip to Rosarito Beach, April 9-11.

The trip will feature a surf and pier fishing competition that usually produces barred perch, corbina and halibut.

The key to catching a big halibut on the pier is using live bait. Bring some mackerel snag rigs and snag yourself a few mackerel. Toss one of those mackerel off the pier and you stand a great chance of catching a nice flatfish.

The key to catching corbina is light line. Six-pound test with a trout rod is perfect. A cast of just a few feet is usually perfect. The corbina are in the surf right where the waves are crashing, so that's where you want to present your bait. Sand crabs, muscles, ghost shrimp and Berkley gulp bait all work really well.

Martinez says you get two nights at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, two welcome drinks, two breakfast buffets, two no-host parties, a free barbecue on Saturday, 4 p.m. late checkout and 15 percent off in the hotel spa. The cost is only $285 per couple.

In addition to the fishing, there will be a casino tour, a wine country tour, golf and lots to do at the hotel.

On Saturday, 150 children from the local orphanages will be bused to the Rosarito Beach pier for a day of fishing, beach games and swimming and a basketball clinic put on by world champion Laker Flynn Robinson. You can be a mentor to the kids if you like for what promises to be a special day.

Martinez is making it easy for South Bay residents to get to the Rosarito Beach Hotel. For $99, you can board a bus departing from Wilson Park at 2 p.m. on April 9 to take you to the beach resort. Libations and snacks are included. The bus will depart the hotel on Sunday at 4 p.m. to take you back to Torrance. To sign up for the excursion, call 310-328-8426 or email philip@976-TUNA.com.

Correlation? Sea Adventure II skipper Terry Clayton was fishing for blackgill cod on a commercial trip last week when a spot of 15-pound albacore breezed down the side of his boat. Just as the school approached, a fish jumped clear out of the water.

"I could see its wings perfectly," Clayton said.
This could be a sign of an accelerated season due to the warm El Ni o waters.
"This has to be a good sign for 2010," he said.
Chris Toth of Rancho Palos Verdes was scuba diving recently with friends off Abalone Cove when he looked into a cave only to see a giant eye staring back at him. That eye belonged to a 23-pound sheephead that Toth speared.

The creature thrashed around and mangled Toth's spear, leaving it lodged in the cave. Toth handed the prize member of the wrasse family to a friend who swam it to the surface.

It was the biggest fish Toth had ever speared and a thrilling experience for everyone who was there.

"And the best part of it was those fish tacos," Toth said.

Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 41st birthday last week in Cabo San Lucas.

The actress chose Cabo San Lucas to rebut claims of rampant swine flu and violence. She also is involved in raising funds for a Tijuana orphanage called El Faro.



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