California May Get Rail Crossing for Punta Colonet Containers

Published 21 January 10 01:24 PM 

Jose Rubio Soto, regional coordinator of the Punta Colonet project, said today that the backers of the mega-port are sharing with the Mexican government’s communications and transportation agency (the SCT) details about existing railroad crossing points between Baja California and the U.S. The objective is to choose one of those for the new rail line that will funnel containers arriving from Asia into Punta Colonet and destined for U.S. cities.

Jose Rubio noted the important time advantage of having Mexico and the U.S. agree to add Punta Colonet rail approval to an exisiting border crossing. The alternative of establishing an entirely new crossing can take eight years to arrange, he and others have noted. Mexicali, Mexico, west of Yuma, is favored by many involved in the development process, according to Jose Rubio. But he noted that more than one rail crossing will likely be required, as import volume grows at Punta Colonet.


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