Published 18 November 09 03:16 PM
A series of recommendations to the Metropolitan Convention Center (CMC) have global competitiveness, as is a building of 30 thousand square meters in the exhibition area and 7 thousand 500 square meters of conference rooms and boardrooms, was the result of an extensive documentary work where the company participated Tradeshow Week.

Gabriel Camarena Salinas, project coordinator, reported above, explaining that considered all previous projects, market surveys the recent, 2004, feasibility analysis, financial projections, which took to the side but allowed them to feed on them.

"If you have a small enclosure just going to have an event and all venues are successful with two or three at a time, of different sizes. In this convention business size does matter" he explained...

Revealed that the company hired Tradeshow Week, which specializes in concentrate and analyze information from the convention centers in the world and are consultants to the convention centers in Las Vegas and San Diego.

For example, they said the convention center in Anaheim, California has how many events per year?, What is the profile of the events we have, how many people visited?, Did profit or loss?, All data that has to do with the functionality of a convention center

All studies agreed that the Convention Center is a project financially feasible, with many economic challenges, the main thing, the start of the project that occupied an area of 10 hectares and an investment of significant work.

As for Mexico, Tradeshow Week highlighted the Centro Banamex in Mexico City; Cintermex, Monterrey and Guadalajara Expo.

With the results, could generate recommendations on the type of enclosure to build, size, specifications, market segments to target and attack goal in principle, the strengths and weaknesses, how they see outside the image crisis that exists.

Besides the construction of 30 thousand square meters in the exhibition area and 7 thousand 500 square meters of conference rooms and boardrooms, there is the need for the latter are divided into 30 spaces, at least thousand 500 a 2 mil drawers parking, and a hotel next to the CMC with a capacity of 500 rooms or two hotels of 250 each.  

Of the twelve largest convention centers in Mexico, including:Leon, Centro Banamex Centro Santa Fe, Acapulco Mayan World and the old, Expo Guadalajara, Cintermex, Cancun, have on average 25 thousand 600 square meters, so that the CMC would be above average in their ability and also rooms together.

If built in these dimensions, would be half that of San Diego, it would be a reference point.

A very important fact from the study of Tradeshow Week, is the "seasonal demand", ie, for some may seem very large, more than enough space for expos and conventions, however, consider that a convention center demand , is on the same date various events.

Without doubt, he said, by all the prevailing conditions, the first market to meet the CMC is Mexico, both regionally and nationally, and are the expos have had in Baja California.

CMC to build the size recommended by the consultants, the 67.4 percent of the conventions that take place in Mexico would fit perfectly in the center, ie 100 per cent of conventions that are lost only 32 per cent.

The projected demand of attendees for the second to third year of operation, would be 399 thousand 812.

The forecast is 20 major fairs and exhibitions annually, plus 15 to 30 seminars, from 5 to 10 local events.

The study compares three convention centers of similar size to the CMC, such as Baltimore, Oregon and Pittsburgh, which also agree on the number of scheduled events;compared with convention centers in Mexico and the United States by characteristics of their size.

Tradeshow Week highlights there is a huge business opportunity because there are economic sectors that are poorly served or underserved by the convention centers in Mexico, such as aerospace, architecture, communications, accounting, electronics, jewelry, shipping, mining, music, textiles, among others.

The number of conventions in Mexico has grown by 2.9 percent annually from 1999 to 2008. The square meters are rented, plus 2.4;participating companies, 6.6 percent and the number of attendance 6.2 percent, all on the rise in this period.

"These figures tell us that it is an industry growing at a steady pace, not too aggressive," he explained.


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