Published 05 May 09 11:16 AM
To promote the tourist attractions and gastronomy of Rosarito.

April 28th,2009

LAS VEGAS, NV. The Mayor of the Rosarito Beach, Hugo Torres, accompanied by the Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Hector Reyes and the Manager of the Conventions and Tourism Committee  in the city, Jesús Santos, made a work tour to Las Vegas NV., to promote Rosarito, both on a tourism and economic level.
The work tour started with a presentation made at the destination travel agents and tour operators to promote the attractions of Rosarito and also to talk about actions taken by the city government to improve safety and care of visitors.
As a result of this visit, several travel agents will come in May for a familiarization visit and to live the Rosarito experience, then they will be able to offer this destination among their clients.
The Consul of Mexico in Las Vegas, Mariano Lemus, who helped arrange this work tour, asked travel agents to undertake the commitment in promoting Rosarito and other Baja cities in Las Vegas with atractive packages including hotels, restaurants and visits to places of interest to the potential visitors.

At the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas, news media interviewed Mayor Hugo Torres on subjects like security in Rosarito and the impact of the influenza virus.
Among the media who interview Mayor Torres were: ABC Channel 13, NBC Channel 3, CBS Channel 8, Univision Channel 15, Telemundo and the local newspaper El Tiempo.

Later that day Mayor Torres and his team met with the President of the Latin Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas, Otto Merida. Mayor Torres spoke of the tourist attractions, business opportunities and also about the security measures taken by his government
Mr. Merida expressed satisfaction with the visit of the Rosarito authoroties and hoped to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation between the two cities.

He extended an invitation to participate in an event that the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce will do in August  where Rosarito may be able to show attractions, cuisine, handcrafts, furniture production and culture in general.


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