Published 26 March 09 11:34 AM
The War on Drugs!
As we've seen in the many many new US news reports on the drugs and violence, there is a war going on.
We've seen too that, like Mrs. Clinton mentioned repeatedly, as long as the US continues the drug demand, all countries in the world will keep supplying it.

The difference here is that Mexico declared a WAR ON THE DRUG CARTELS…
I wish I could say the same for the US and other countries.
I have never seen where the US police forces capture a drug boss in US soil.
WHY are we leaving the war only to Mexico?
And yes, we have a drug war going on in Mexico, trying to stop narcotics from crossing the border.
Drugs mostly come from Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and other places, stop in Mexico, and then find their way into the US market.
And the news people love to exaggerate the situation and show Mexico and places like Baja, very unstable, and like some even say in these blogs…”on the brink of civil war”.
This is amazingly ridiculous.
Mexico is a stable country, and in most Mexican cities, you wont event know there is a drug war going on.
In Baja, for example, we have over 20 million American tourists visiting every year, and no big incident involving an American has occurred in the last 18 months.
Out of 20 million VISITORS!
How many incidents involving Americans have occurred in cities in the US in the same period?
Please be real!
I ask US media: please be fair, and show the other side of Mexico!
In some Baja cities, like Rosarito Beach for example, over 10% of the population is American, living happily, and now upset at US media, as they are scaring their friends and family from visiting them!
They mostly believe that there is an agenda to attack and discredit Mexico.
In another example, an agent for the US State Departement in California, saw some news reports, and based on that, he issued the travel alert for spring breakers NOT to travel to Baja or other parts of Mexico.
Yes, out of exagerated news reports… no facts, no knowledge!
Millions of spring breakers had been coming to Baja for over many years, and NO incident what so ever has happend to any of these visitors…
Now with these media reports, the Tourisim sector in Baja is in crisis.
I know bad and scary news sells more, but look at the damage to our country when newspeople don’t cover the true facts.
Mexico’s number one export is oil, but our number two income source is tourism.

Gustavo from Baja


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