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Published 23 August 08 12:20 PM
It’s September, the summer has unofficially ended and its time again for the annual Rosarito Beach Home and Furniture Expo, one of the most well attended events of the year. This year’s expo will be held Sept. 4 through 7 on the grounds of the new Pabellon Rosarito Grand, the city’s newest and most elegant commercial center.

The almost 45 acres will lend itself to easy access and plenty of parking for guests as well as exhibitors, who are excited about the new location which represents the city’s commitment to a new and exciting future for Rosarito in the 21st century.

 The expo will feature fine hand-made furniture, wrought iron pieces, flooring and accessories. Original works of art by members of Rosarito's thriving artist community also will be displayed. For decades, Rosarito has been famous for the high quality and originality of its finely crafted furniture, tile, glass work, metal sculpture and other crafts.

The excellence of its artisans is part of what attracts the more than one million visitors per year to the seaside community in Baja 30 miles south of downtown San Diego.

"In Rosarito, furniture making is an art," said Juan Bosco, president of AFAMARO, Rosarito's home furnishing association, which sponsors the event.

Many of the area’s artisans and craftsmen were employed by Fox Studios when the movie "Titanic" was filmed here in the 1990s, making key contributions to the Academy Award-winning film.

Area real estate offerings will also be showcased at the expo as Baja's Gold Coast, the coastal area from Tijuana to Ensenada, has become home to a real estate boom as thousands of Americans are buying oceanfront condos and houses.

The real estate boom has also benefited local craftsmen and artists, as many of the new home buyers furnish and decorate their homes with local art, furniture and accessories.

As part of the four day expo there will be a tequila exhibit where 15 different brands of the traditional Mexican drink will be featured and on Sunday, the final day of the expo, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. the event will expand to include a Steak and Lobster Festival

And from the 5th to the 7th there will be the Baron Balche Wine Tasting Tours to the nearby Guadalupe Valley, one of the most emerging and respected wine regions in the world.

Additional information is available by calling Martha Mendoza Montes at AFAMARO  or 01152-661-613-1532 or writing her at  or visiting

Rosarito/Ensenada Bike Ride September 27 –

Perhaps The Final Ride

 The next Rosarito-Ensenada 50-Mile Bike Ride is Sept. 27 and organizers say this is the last one they will do, making it especially histories,

Bike riders have been known to come from all over Mexico, the US and other countries to ride in this 50 mile picturesque event along some of the most beautiful coastline in the world.

The ride started in September of 1979 when several friends decided to ride the old free road from Rosarito Beach to Ensenada and realized that it was exactly 50 miles. The ride became an annual tradition between the friends and it quickly grew so large that in 1986 a spring ride was created to alleviate the crowds and since then it has been held every April and every September.

Gary Foster of Bicycling West, a San Diego sports marketing company that promotes large-scale participatory events in Baja, blames all the unfair U.S. media coverage about safety issues in Baja for declining participation in the event,

It is especially frustrating to him because in the 27 years that the Ride has existed it has had approximately 375,000 participants without one serious crime.

“It’s been a great event for the city for such a long time and I hope that this race will have a great turnout,” said Laura Wong, President of the Rosarito Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau. “The past few weekends the town has been packed with people.”

“I hope that something can be done to continue this wonderful event that has given so much to so many,” she added.

What to When the Summer Ends

After Labor Day, which generally marks the end of the summer, schools are back in session, vacations are over and life goes back to the “routine” that we all usually fall into. For many, it’s the beginning of the long wait until next summer when they can take their vacation or “break” from their routine and have a little fun in the sun.

As it turns out, this is actually one of the best times to come to Rosarito Beach because the crowds have all left, the weather is still great, the beaches are still pristine, the food is still delicious, the shopping is less crowded and the weekend night life is still spectacular.

The best part is that prices are better in the off-season, more bargains are available. You can book a spa appointment more easily or a table at your favorite restaurant. Play a round of golf or go deep sea fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, surfing or horseback riding on the beach.

There’s always plenty to do here but why wait until next summer when you can have it all now? Take a “Baja Break” and have a great time when you would least expect it and most deserve it. Come when the pace has slowed down and you can really appreciate the culture and all that the community has to offer.

Harley Run for Children of Baja –

A Roaring Success

The roar of hundreds of motorcycles driving into Rosarito Beach would normally cause heads to turn and even raise a concern for some but not this time. Although many heads did turn it wasn’t out of alarm but instead, happiness and joy because the Rosarito Beach Harley Run was back in town.

The annual Harley Run is a charity event which literally brings in truck loads of desperately needed clothing, shoes, toys, school supplies and hygiene products to aid the children of Baja.

This year’s Run culminated at Papas & Beer, one of the main sponsors of the event, for a day of partying and passing out donations which were collected and dispersed by DIF, Desarrollo Integral de la Familia. DIF provides shelter, food, clothing, medical, social services and much other assistance to children and families in need.

This year’s theme was safety as the riders received a police escort across the border and into Rosarito and then back to the border following the event.

“We thank everyone for coming to our city and all that you do to help the children of our community,” Mayor Hugo Torres announced to the riders and friends who applauded him vigorously. “Our door will always be open to you and we want you to always feel safe and secure when visiting us.”

The founders/organizers of the Harley Run, Martin and Sonia Resendez, were on hand along with many of their assistants to help with the passing out of the donations most of the weekend.

Sixteen Harley riders who wanted to do more than just have a good time stayed over to help out as well. On Sunday at the playground by the DIF community center, approximately 80 children received toys and school supplies and on Monday in a small community about one mile south of Puerto Nuevo, the world famous Lobster Village, the last of the donations were dispersed to about 100 children.

Unfortunately, the supply ran out before all of the children could be processed so the riders and others reached into their own pockets and started handing out dollar bills, Harley posters and magazines. They also bought out the entire ice cream supplies of three different ice cream venders who happened to be nearby so that no child walked away empty handed.
“It was perfect weekend,” said Hugo Rivas, one of the riders. “Seeing those kid’s faces light up when they received their gift made it perfect.”

What’s Happening in Town?

SUMMER FESTIVAL - SEPTEMBER 4, 5, 6, 7. Including the Rosarito Home & Furniture Expo,” the “Steak & Lobster Festival,” and “The Pavilion of Tequilas.” The most spectacular events of summer come together for this festival from the making of furniture, to our regional food tasting of steak and lobster and the best tequilas combined with live music, mariachi and folkloric dancing. Come and join us at the new Pabellon Rosarito Grand.
For more information:

 THE BEACH MOTOCROSS SERIES ROUND 1 - SEPTEMBER 6. State Motocross Championships with the best riders from both sides of the border competing on a specially designed race track with jumps and obstacles in a circuit of approximately 2 miles. Participants of all levels compete, from children in peewees category to adults in the professional category. Each race is for points to determine the best racer in each category. 
For more information: 619.819.6323

 CUP OF THE AMERICAS SURFING PRO-AM - SEPTEMBER 12-14. Rosarito Beach will be the host of the 4th stop of this Surfing Tour “Cup of the Americas Pro-Am” in the beaches off the Pier, with more than 70 of the best surfers and bodyboarders of Mexico, Latin America and the US competing for a grand prize of $8,000. There will also be skate ramps, surf gear for sale, parties and more.
At Rosarito Beach Pier, More Info 1.800.962.2252

  TOM GATCH FISHING TOURNAMENT - SEPTEMBER 21. Free bait provided,Complimentary refreshments for all participants, Free to participants 12 years of age and under, and to hotel guests. General public: $5 adults and $7, families, prizes for most fish & biggest fish caught (no sharks, jacksmelts or mantarays). Bring your own gear, a limited amount are available for rent. Winner take all voluntary cash jackpot, (additional $1 fee per angler), to be awarded to the entrant with the largest overall fish at the end of the competition.
Rosarito Beach Pier, 10am-1pm:  Ph: +52 (661) 612.1126


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