7th Annual Home and Furniture Expo of Rosarito Beach September 4 - 7

Published 20 August 08 03:10 PM

Expo mueble Rosarito

 It is time again for the annual Rosarito Beach Home and Furniture Expo, one of the most well received and attended events of its kind.
           This year's offering is the seventh in a series of successful expos that have consistently attracted thousands of visitors from both sides of the border and will feature fine hand-made furniture, wrought iron pieces, flooring and accessories.

           Local real estate offerings also will be featured. Rosarito is at the center of development along Baja's Gold Coast. There will be a gala Steak and Lobster Festival on the final day of the event.

           A big difference between past expos and this one is where it is being held. The previous six were showcased at the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort, one of Baja's most famous landmarks.

            This expo will be held on the grounds of the new Pabellon Rosarito Grand, the city's newest and largest commercial center, right at the northern entrance to the city.
"It should make for a great event," said Laura Wong, president of the Rosarito Convention & Visitors' Bureau.

           Original works of art by members of Rosarito's thriving artist community also will be displayed. For decades, Rosarito has been famous for the high quality and originality of its finely crafted furniture, tile, glass work, metal sculpture and other crafts.

           The excellence of its artisans is part of what attracts the more than one million visitors per year to the seaside community in Baja 30 miles south of downtown San Diego.
"In Rosarito, furniture making is an art," said Juan Bosco, president of AFAMARO, Rosarito's home furnishing association, which sponsors the event.

           Many of the area's artisans and craftsmen were employed by Fox Studios when the movie "Titanic" was filmed here in the 1990s, making key contributions to the Academy Award-winning film.

           Area real estate offerings will also be showcased at the expo as Baja's Gold Coast, the coastal area from Tijuana to Ensenada, has become home to a real estate boom as thousands of Americans are buying oceanfront condos and houses.  

            The real estate boom has also benefited local craftsmen and artists, as many of the new home buyers furnish and decorate their homes with local art, furniture and accessories.
As part of the four day expo there will be a tequila exhibit where 15 different brands of the traditional Mexican drink will be featured and on Sunday, the final day of the expo, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. the event will expand to include a Steak and Lobster Festival.

           And from the 5th to the 7th there will be the Baron Balche Wine Tasting Tours to the nearby Guadalupe Valley, one of the most emerging and respected wine regions in the world.
           Additional information is available by calling Martha Mendoza Montes at 01152-661-613-1532 or writing her at Martha@afamaro.com  or visiting www.afamaro.com.


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