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Published 31 July 08 12:15 PM


I will like to inform you of the following, in order to create a better environment for visitors to Baja California, we are pleased to share a few of the actions that are taking place in coordination with authorities from the three levels of Government (Municipal-Estate-Federal) in order to assure a safe and pleasant stay for travelers to our State.

First of all, it should be underlined that Baja California maintains a very welcoming and positive attitude towards visitors, the same that historically has made us one of the preferred destinations for tourist from the United States and from all over the world.

While in the latter part of 2007 a number of isolated incidents took place, corrective undertakings where implemented by the authorities which have proven to benefit those who travel in our State. A good indicator was Easter and Spring Break vacation, as expectations where surpassed when over 380 thousand national and foreign visitors traveled throughout Baja California without an incident worth mentioning, also important events like the Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride with more than 5,000 attendees, the famous Off Road Events, Baja 250 & Baja 500, Important Holidays Like Memorial Day & 4 July, all took place with out mayor incidents, the summer is developing quite well, hotel occupancy on weekends are between 70% to 100%.

Among the efforts in place, the following should be mentioned:

•        We Starting on Avenida Internacional and along the border zone of Tijuana a tourism assistance effort with motorcycle guides to orient our visitors is ongoing.

•        Our Visitor Assistance Hotline 078 was improved. This toll free service provides visitors with information and assistance when necessary 365 days a year.

•        We now have sixteen Visitor Information Centers available throughout the State.

•        We have produced and are distributing over two million “safety tips” brochures that include a map as well as useful information for our visitors (you can down load them from our web site).

•        We have upgraded and in some cases relocated our offices in order to be closer to visitors and provide better service.

•        We are maintaining a closer working relationship with law enforcement agencies as well as the highway patrol to disseminate useful information and to assure they provide timely assistance to visitors when necessary.

•        Bilingual operators are now available at our Emergency Phone Line 066 which can also be accessed once here from any US cellular phone, by dialing 911 or 112 from European cellular providers.

•        We increased the roadside assistance service provided by the “Green Angels” .

•        A new internet link is available on our website so that our visitors may describe their Baja California experience. This space is available to for, suggestions and even complaints..

In so far as the City Authorities are concerned:

•        The new Tourism Police is now in service in the city of Rosarito Beach.

•        Also in Rosarito Beach, a citizen watch group was formed with 300 volunteers to oversee that visitors have a pleasant experience while there. .

•        In the City of Tijuana, law enforcement presence has been addressed and drastic measures are in place to prosecute police officers that act unethically.

•        In the City of Ensenada a training program has been implemented focused on bilingual tourism police officers.

This has been a summary of some of the important actions that we have implemented to assure our visitors a pleasant stay while in Baja California. For additional information please visit our webpage at


Raul Aragon Castro
Delegate of the Tourism Secretariat for the State
of Baja California in Rosarito Beach.



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