Legendary Mexican Hotel Writing A New Chapter With July Opening of 17-Story Oceanfront Tower

Published 19 May 08 03:05 PM

ROSARITO BEACH, Mexico--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This landmark Mexican hotel 30 miles south of San Diego this July will write a new chapter in its legendary history with the grand opening of its $55 million 17-story, 271-suite, luxury oceanfront condo-hotel.

Source: Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort

· Photo of the Rosarito Beach Hotel from the ocean side, including the new 17-story Pacifico tower, which will open in July. (Photo: Business Wire).  View Multimedia Gallery

With the opening of its third tower --- Pacifico --- the Rosarito Beach Hotel becomes a greatly expanded resort with 500 rooms and beautifully furnished suites, plus extensive amenities and recreation. The Pacifico complements the eight-story Coronado and the three-story Playas towers.

Besides adding a panoramic ocean and coastal view, the new tower heralds a new era, as guests for the first time can acquire ownership in the hotel.

Since it first opened its doors in 1925 under the ownership of Manuel Barbachano, the hotel has played host to millions of people from around the world. From heads of state and international royalty to movie stars and rock stars, famous and infamous, there have been many.

They include Ali Kahn, the son of the Shah of Iran, and Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Edward G. Robinson, Al Capone, Gregory Peck, Kim Novak and Frank Sinatra. The hotels popularity literally created the city of Rosarito Beach.

The hotel features a dramatic beachfront setting, elaborate Mexican architecture, an elegant European spa and gourmet restaurant in what was once the mansion of the founding family, which has owned the hotel for three generations.

This is more than just an expansion of the hotel, it is an expansion of our hotel family, said Laura Torres, third-generation executive director of the hotel and daughter of principal owner Hugo Torres, the current Mayor of Rosarito Beach.

Each owner of a suite in the condo-hotel is not only a guest, but much more because they have purchased a part of our legacy, Ms. Torres said.

Added Somit Talwar, director of the project which was completed in 18 months: The interest in purchasing suites has been strong, and the owners are excited about the completion of the project. Its thrilling now to stand on top of the completed tower.

Thats an experience that will be available to Rosarito Beach Hotel guests as well as suite owners, who can have the hotel rent their units for them under a shared revenue agreement.

For guests, the new building brings amenities including a rooftop infinity pool and tower-top restaurant overlooking our quarter-mile pier and miles of coastline, Ms. Torres said. It also allows us to offer guests a wide range of price points and accommodations.

The panoramic tower is not all thats new at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. For the past several months the hotel has been undergoing extensive renovations to restore its historic architecture and grand lobby to their original splendor and elegance.

Although 40 of the original garden rooms were torn down to make room for the new tower --- perhaps displacing at least one of the hotel's best known ghosts, of which there reportedly are a few --- the hotel retains its original charm. The ceiling beams from the garden rooms were used to make signage throughout the hotel.

The work includes adding detailed new murals to complement existing ones of famous Mexican locales.

We have protected our original artwork and architecture which cannot be duplicated, Ms. Torres said. We are committed to preserving the grandeur of the past while offering our guests exciting new options for the future.

Guests tell us there is a special magic about this hotel, Ms. Torres said. Its history, the Old World charm, our Mexican hospitality, all combines to give guests something they cant find anywhere else.

Its romantically inviting yet family-friendly, and being in another country makes it more exciting, she said. The city has gone out of its way to make visitors welcome and at ease and we even provide a shuttle service to pick up guests at their home.

For more information on the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort, go to www.rosaritobeachhotel.com or www.rosaritobeachcondohotel.com.

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