Over the spring break I went to Rosarito...

Published 12 May 08 11:53 AM


Over the spring break I went to Rosarito with my friends Alex and Crystal.It was my first time ever going to Mexico,so I was really excited.The ride over there went by pretty fast.Probably because I was talking and listening to my ipod the whole time.We also played games like trying to figure out peoples license plates and name that tune.

When we got in Tijuana I kind of got nervous.I looked out the car window and saw houses that didn’t even look livable.I would also see police trucks with cops in the bed holding big guns like it was nothing.We continued driving up a winding road.I got car sick so I just put my head down and closed my eyes.When the car stopped I got out and started walking to a big white house.It was our condo on the beach called Playa Blanca.The condo was very nice,way nicer than I expected.After unpacking we all went out on the balcony.Alex and Crystal were eating while I sat and watched the sun set.It looked like the sun was disolving into the water and turning it a sparkling orange.

The first night we were there Alex’s mom Maria took us out.The street we were walking down had flashing lights everywhere and tons of people walking down the streets.We went to a really cool looking place called Club Coco Beach.There were guys painted in silver doing tricks with fire and other cool things.The place started getting really packed and full of energy.I was dancing and singing  to every song.Out of nowhere Hurricane Chris,a famous rapper,came out and started performing.When he ended another rapper came out named Flo Rida.Alot of people liked him better.We were getting really into it and dancing non stop.Flo Rida threw beads out in the audience,I jumped as high as i could and caught blue ones.I thought his performance was the best because he wasn’t lipsyncing and it was just him on stage.

At around 2A.M Maria took us to get tacos.When I was eating I looked at everything and was really amazed.To me it was a mixture of Vegas and Hollywood.It had Hollywood’s people and Vegas’s lights.After we ate we got a taxi to take us back to the condo.The next morning we all had breakfast and relaxed for a bit.Alex,Crystal,and me decided we wanted to go down to the beach.The beach was really fun.It looks different from the beaches out here.To me the water seemed cleaner and so did the sand.There was smooth small rocks and big full shells everywhere.Alex and I got in the water  and walked around filling cups with shells while Crystal layed out.After a few hours at the beach we went back to the condo.

That night we got ready and left the condo around 8p.m. Maria took us to a place called Iggy’s.I wanted to go there because when i was walking by the big yellow letters and colorful light caught my attention.To go in we had to walk up a ramp that looked like it was made from bamboo.Inside there was little waterfalls and plants all over,kind of like the tropics.Papa’s and Beer was cool too.It kind of looked like a pirate ship.I went on the stairs to look at everything while Alex and Crystal went on the sand and played volley ball with people.We left early because we had to wake up early the next morning to pack.

Finally Monday morning came and we had to pack.In the car Alex and Crystal played a prank on me.Before we were going to cross the boarded they started telling me to hide my ipod because the cops will try and take it,not to smile at the border patrol or they’ll think im hiding something,and to take my piercings out.Because it was my first time in Mexico and didn’t know what to expect I was freaking out trying to find a place in the car to hide my things.After I hid my ipod and began taking out my piercings they started laughing.I then realized they were playing a joke on me.I have to admit it was a good one.

Going to Rosarito was a fun experience.I met new people and saw a different way of living.Both mine and Alex’s family are planning on going together sometime soon.It will be my parents first time Rosarito.I think this trip is something i will remember forever.



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