President Speaks to Mexican Business Council of Foreign Trade, Investment & Technology

Published 19 April 08 01:26 PM

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April 7, 2008

Presidency of the Republic

(Excerpts from speech by Mexican President Felipe Calderón)

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to break bread with you, convinced that Mexico and Spain share not only a past and present but also, and especially, a future.

“I know that in the case of Mexico and Spain we share a cultural heritage, values, principles, language, beliefs, traditions and solid brotherly links, but we also share and should share even more opportunities for trade, investment, development and prosperity.

“As Mr. Díez Morodo has already pointed out: Mexico is facing an adverse economic environment at the international level, and now, not only people in economic or business circles but people in general are talking about the economic situation of the United States, an economy with which we have over 80%, nearly 90% of our foreign trade.

“The good news, however, is that we have not only managed to keep our economy on a solid, stable keel but that the indicators we have at the moment are encouraging.

“In a regional environment here global investment has worrying symptoms because of the uncertainty about respect for property rights and asset rights, and concern about government actions that harm or alter legal security. Mexico is offering clear conditions of certainty, safety, and confidence which are the premise on which a better country can be built.

“And most importantly, friends, we are making decisions about the future, we are making decisions to put Mexico on the road to growth and development with justice.

“We designed a program similar to those that focus on rapidly accelerating countries in conditions of extreme backwardness. These programs are developed precisely to attract investment aggressively.

“In short, what I would like to say is that we are working hard and very seriously, not only to promote the Mexican economy but also, at this point, to place Mexico on the road to growth, which is where we all want to see it.

“And it is not ethical to avoid problems on the basis of the fact that they will not erupt now but later, as has happened so often in Mexico. The ethical, right thing to do is to face problems, share them with society and make the decision to solve them, regardless of the risks, costs and criticisms that may be entailed by facing problems and solving them.

“Today, Mexicans are experiencing a historic moment and at this historic moment, at this moment of decisions and challenges when we will have to decide what type of Mexico we want for the 21st century, my government is absolutely determined to do what it has to do, regardless of the fact that it will yield benefits much later and that this government may not be able to see them all.”


(Press Release: Presidency of the Republic, April 4, 2008, Mexico City)

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