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Published 12 January 08 10:26 AM

By Cyndi Farfan

I know there are news articles that have gone out about crime in the Rosarito Beach area and I understand your concern. The top government officials here in Baja are aware of the issue and are working diligently to solve the problem.  The AP story which aired all over the world this past weekend was reporting truths that did occur yet occurred in October to November of last year. 

In August, Tijuana and Rosarito held elections for Mayor and the voting citizens sent a message that the old Mayors from the opposing political parties were no longer wanted. Unfortunately once they realized that they had been voted out, they just gave up and stopped working for the good of the people.  During that time (August to November) the area was out of control as the reports show. Basically there was no one manning the ship, control was up for grabs and the criminal element took advantage of the situation. 

The good news is the new mayors and new political parties that took office on December 1st, 2007 are working hard to get things back under control.  But, this is going to take time, its only been a month yet I have seen a lot of change already.  For example, a coordinated effort between city, state and federal police was launched to address the issue of security in Baja. The first phase is to address the concern of corrupt local police. All guns from the police were taken away and checked for proper use. Also, every police officer will go through a lie detector test with the federal police to establish their trustworthiness. Finally, while this is happening, 150 federal and state police officers are in Rosarito patrolling the streets. Rosarito is probably the safest it has ever been.

There is crime everywhere, in your back yard as well as mine.  The world itself has become somewhat of an ugly place. One thing is true. I believe in our new mayor who took office on December 1st. In fact he just received the distinct award of Man of the Year from a very popular newspaper called Zeta.   We, politicians and citizens, are working towards a safer Rosarito, its going to take time but with hard work and patience,  I believe we will prevail

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# kathy said on January 15, 2008 7:38 PM:

I agree with Cindy. Great article.

# kathy said on January 15, 2008 7:39 PM:

I agree with Cindy. Great article.

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