Bancomer Credit

bbva credit

Requirements for employees 


Be Mexican with permanent residence in the country, over 18 and under 70.


Net monthly income of $7,000 m.n.


A minimum work age of 8 months 


Good Credit history in the last 2 years.


Have a Bank account, E-mail and cell phone



No maintenance cost

Differential rate for the second credit 

Total or partial cancellation without cost

We give you immediate response 

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REMAX Baja Realty Services

      We are a well trained team of professionals not just here to sell you a property and set you off into the sunset. We are here to ensure that your purchase is a seamless and easy transaction, with a property that is perfectly matched to you. Your benefit to choosing our team is in whatever capacity necessary to ensure that ownership is stress free and pleasurable for years to come.


From electricity and plumbing to carpentry and maid services. We facilitate quotes for repairs and ongoing maintenance projects.

Accounting and portfolio management 

Monthly statements, complete with repair and maintenance schedules. Opt-in for bill-pay and never be concerned about your Baja bills being paid on-time. 

Marketig and Advertising

If your objective is to rent or sell your property, we have a propriety software that is connected and integrated to a global channel management system. This ensures your estate will accomplish maximum exposure and push the potential. 

We provide you with advertising on social media, digital flyers, blogs, prospect campaigns, videos, and more.

Vacation Properties

If you are looking for a few days or even weeks in the Pacific breeze, we have a list of vacation houses and condos in Baja to choose from. All different prices, sizes and location to suit your needs.


We offer you professional service based on the legal and technical knowledge about residential, comercial and industrial construction.


Closing services, immigration, moves,

For more information, please submit your email below. With your data, we’ll have a team member contact you to begin the discussion and determine the best fit for your home. 

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