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At Re/max Baja Realty -formerly Rosarito Beach Real Estate, we have Baja and especially Rosarito homes for sale that will fit within your budget. We are the most reputable real estate agency in the Baja Mexico region, and we're here to help you find your dream home in this incredible corner of the world. Just imagine--you could be enjoying breathtaking oceanfront beauty, right from your doorstep! From pristine beaches to the crystal-clear blue waters, you can live life in paradise every single day.


We have many development sites that are available in a variety of locations across the Baja region. You can live out your dreams with everything you'd hope for in terms comfort and convenience, including top-notch shopping, fishing, golf, and more. Plus, there are new properties being built constantly. You can purchase your home today, or consider making an investment in property that is still being developed.

On, you will find gorgeous homes in planned communities, beachfront areas, and along scenic Mexican roads. Some of the Baja homes for sale include open designs, one- and two-car garage designs, condominium homes, penthouses, and many more.

We offer a complete real estate brokerage service with over 80 years of family experience in the Baja region to back it up. Contact us via our website, or by email at</a>. Or 619-632-7045. We'll be able to answer your real estate questions and help you find the right home to invest in. With more proven sales than any other agency in the northern Baja area, the Gustavo Torres family at Rosarito Beach Real Estate is here to help your dream of owning a home in Baja become a reality.



I believe that it is a great moment to invest here in Baja California real estate, as we are currently experiencing a great real estate "boom", and your investment in Rosarito Beach and all of Baja is safe and very rewarding.

     Driving distance from downtown Rosarito to the California border, our number one market, is a beautiful, short, 24-mile drive, and to downtown San Diego, only a 38 mile drive!  Los Angeles, as well, is located only 120 miles to the north.

     A privileged location indeed.

     At Rosarito Beach Real Estate, our professionals will assist you, the investor, in creating the vision/project, investment and expenses, cash flow scenarios, information and obtaining the land use, permits, zoning, and all aspects that may be involved in an investment.


A few month ago, Summer 2019, my latest publication here at  was published, regarding the average price for a lot and larger parcels, with ocean view and ocean front.

     Back then, we where a bit “preoccupied”, but excited, at the same time, as the prices for individual lots, which had been increasing gradually, where by then, at around $15 - $45 per square foot, and oceanfront from $60 to $75 per square foot.

     For larger, investment parcels, of course, they where (and are) lower, as we could find them as low as around $5 US for ocean view and $20 US for oceanfront.

     Since then, however, we have seen, just as with the individual condos and homes, a phenomenal boom in the interest and acquisition of these investment parcels.

     They are virtually disappearing before our eyes.

     Of course, with the demand, the offer is getting very limited, and we are experiencing a larger price increase trend.

     Hence, the day of the $5 or $10 per sq ft oceanfront parcel in this area has now all but disappeared.

     We are working very hard to locate the best and all properties for you!

     Both through contacting daily our database, competing realtors, newspaper ads, and everywhere else.

     The average price now per square foot on the oceanfront, is around $30 dollars.

     As we still find a few parcels in the $10-19 dollar mark, we are seeing them increasingly on the upper $20’s and $30’s dollar range.

Please remember though, that is best to use a qualified team of professionals in your search for your dream development. It will not cost you anymore, but it will definitely save you tons of money, as well as lots of time and aggravation.

     In addition, we work with qualified architects, engineers, and such, to help with the decision making process.

     Furthermore, thanks to our prestige and time in the market, as well as knowledge and "connections", we are able not just to offer you the best and the most properties in the area, but more importantly, to offer you our services in a wide array of areas, such as city and state permits, information on rules and regulations, and much more.

     Following is an example of properties on the market. Please let us know if you would like further information on any of them. Please, please do not take too long to decide, as they are impressively disappearing.


1. Oceanfront 12 acres. By Puerto Nuevo. Approximately 8 miles south of Rosarito Beach. Approximately 400 linear feet of ocean frontage.  Topographic studies are completed.

Listed at “only”  $20 per foot)

 2. 17 Hectares (approximately 40 acres) oceanfront, selling for ONLY $22 per square foot.
Beach frontage? YES, over 2000 linear feet of frontage!!

This is definitely the last remaining large oceanfront parcel in Rosarito. It will definitely not last!

     Incredible oceanfront Bluff and sandy beach!!!!
Beautiful coastline property, with ocean made tunnels on the rocks, lava bridges and many more exotic lava formations! Around 2000 linear ft of ocean front. Faces both the beach to the west, and the main road to the east For a bit higher price, this property can be sold all, or in parts of 12 acres or larger. Water, power all there! Selling price: $16.50 per square feet. Bank Trust.

     Owner may subdivide in half or in three 12 or so acre parcels. Just south of Rosarito Beach, close to FOX Movie studios. Great property, close to everything. Main Boulevard access and ocean front, SANDY BEACH, plus dramatic and exotic lava formations, with caves, tunnels lava bridges and much more.

 3. Ocean front parcel, incredible, long sandy beach. Close to Plaza mar. “Private” beach.
Approximately 20 miles south of Rosarito Downtown.


Almost 3500 linear meters of ocean frontage, and around 3700 linear meters of road frontage.
Property features 40 hectares (aprox 95 acres).
Located aprox 20 miles south of Rosarito beach, and 15 miles north of Ensenada.
Listed at $40,000,000… seller financing for up to 3 or 4  years, with 30% down.




4. 14 acres, by cantiles Dorados and Puerto Nuevo, oceanfront, magnificent views, great location, por antenna, listed at $28 per square foot.


 5. Twelve (12) oceanfront acres, marvelous sandy beach, zoned for condos, and villas. Easy to obtain all permits before completion of the transaction. By Puerto Nuevo. Aproximately 150 linear meters of ocean frontage!!   Zoned for up to 400 Ocean front condos. Listed at $6,000,000.

 6. By  BAJAMAR. Aprox 3 miles south from Salina la Marina. Consisting of 67 acres of ocean view property. Including approx 420 linear meters of frontage to the ocean (aprox 1300 linear feet) and 340 linear meters of road frontage!
Listed at $16,000,000 US.


7. Oceanfront; 5 acres, only 10 miles south of Rosarito Beach, by Puerto Nuevo, with dramatic and breathtaking views. Only 70 linear feet of ocean frontage; hence the low price. Owner needs to sell. Super low priced at $16.00 per square foot.


8. 17,000 sq meters (approximately 4 acres), over 350 linear feet of ocean frontage. Located around 15 miles south of Rosarito Beach, at $5,000,000 great for condos, homes and retail space! Beautiful existing buildings at the site. Great frontage to both sandy beach to the west and main road to the east. Just listed!

9. 20 acres, by cantiles Dorados & El Pescador, oceanfront, magnificent views, great location.  Just listed.  At $22 per square foot.

 10. 2,200 sq meters (approximately 24,000 sq ft) of beautiful oceanfront land.

It is 2,200 sq meters, plus around 2,000 more square meters of Federal Zone! PLUS, an amazing 100 linear meters (around 330 linear feet) of ocean frontage! Located south of Calafia Hotel and RE/MAX Calafia. Listed at $1,900,000 US.


Ocean view land


  1. A Superb Location.. Close to the Rosarito Beach Hotel and the Festival Plaza Hotel. In the heart of Rosarito Beach.

    Large parcels with fantastic ocean view and a great location. From 88 acres, to a total of 1,300 acres. Views are amazing from all points of this gentle sloping hill. Access is perfect, from both the "free" and the "toll" roads. Zoned Commercial/residential: Great for a 36-hole golf course, hotels, condominiums, elegant homes, airstrip, and much more. Listed price is $4 per square foot. (Negotiable, depending on size and form of payment).

 2. 7 acres, just across from Rene's sports bar & Motel, just east of both highways, offering amazing views to the Pacific, the Rosarito Beach Hotel pier, the Rosarito River and more. Listed at $10 per square foot

 3. 16 acres, at KM 51, right next to Cuenca Lechera, across the highways form Cafe Americana. Beautiful views. Listed at only $4 per square foot, with terms.

 4. WOW! Incredible ocean and Marina views. River frontage, low and highlands, super flat, with perfect inclination for homes' views, Perfect for grand development with golf, homes, condos, timeshares & hotels. 2,200 acres of spectacular views Price is $48,000,000 US, but willing to consider all serious offers.

  5. Best Location. 500 acres of beautiful ocean view properly, with private beach access. Located 5 miles north of Rosarito Beach. Incredible opportunity for large developer. Homes, plus condos, 27-hole golf course, hotels, and more. Beautiful slopes allow for ocean views form every location of this giant parcel. PLEASE CALL US FOR DETAILS.


  6. The best of Baja. Super Prime location. Incredible 240 hectares (around 580 acres) of ocean view land, at the entrance of Rosarito Beach. Probably the last of its kind!! Sellers have professional plans showing all its possibilities, like golf course, homes, condos and much more. This magnificent property has accesses from the main highway and from the "free road" between Tijuana and Rosarito Beach. Spectacular views, and more than perfect inclination to guarantee views from every location. Price to be determined soon, but oscillating at around $5 to 9 per square foot.

  8. 35 acres, west of La Gloria, just before Real Del Mar golf course, on the east side of the highway, approximately 6 miles from the ocean. No views, $1.65 per square foot.


Other locations


Valle de Guadalupe


1G. 260 acres, "Rancho el Toro" southeast of Rosarito, by the new main highway under construction, "Boulevard 2000" just before Fox Studios, at $3.00 per square foot.


2G. "Mil Amores" Ranch, in beautiful Valle de Guadalupe. The famous, breathtaking Baja wine valley, 110 acres, at only $2.5 per square foot.

 3G. 1050 acres, in Valle de Guadalupe! Beautiful ranch, listed at $7,990,000, Terms available.

 4G. Rancho Santo Domingo, incredible mountain and valley views. Approx. 590 acres, at $0.50 cents a foot, negotiable. Between Tijuana, Tecate and Rosarito Beach.

5G. 800 HECTAREAS, on the highway from Ensenda to San Felipe. Amazing views, lots and lots of water. Great landscape.   “Only” 0.10 cents per sq METER.


San Quintin


Several properties available here, from 1 hectarea, to 400 hectareas, on the San Quintin Bay waterfront and on the Pacific Ocean. At excellent prices.

Please call for details if interested.


Please call for details if interested.