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22 photos
Mision de San Luis, Suite Colonia Kino Blvd Insurgentes
Tijuana $1,600.00 USD Yearly 800 sq. m. Commercial
3 photos
Blvd Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, Suite Jardines La Mesa
Tijuana $800.00 USD Monthly 100 sq. m. Commercial
5 photos
Edificio Cazzar. Paseo Centenario, Suite 10310
Zona Rio $13.80 USD Monthly 92 sq. m. Commercial
13 photos
Zona Rio $13.00 USD Monthly 580 sq. m. Commercial
42 photos
Blv. Federico Benitez y C. Ferrocarril
La Mesa $25,500.00 MXN Monthly 3,229 sq. ft. Commercial
4 photos
Nuevo Leon , Lot Lot 1,2 and 3 Block 7
Tijuana $20,000.00 MXN Monthly 24,000 sq. m. Lots and Land
8 photos
Erasmo Castellanos 1857 Zona Rio Tijuana, Suite B
Zona Rio $10,000.00 USD Monthly 2,000 sq. m. Commercial
15 photos
Boulevard Campestre 4904, Residencial Lomas de Aguacaliente
LOMAS DE AGUA CALIENTE $1,600.00 USD Monthly 300 sq. m. Residential
20 photos
Cumbres de Juárez , Suite 22046
Tijuana $1,500.00 USD Monthly Condominium
27 photos
Condominios Bellavista , Suite C-105
Real Del Mar $1,290.00 USD Monthly 1,452 sq. ft. Condominium
18 photos
Hacienda del Mar, Suite 28
Hacienda del Mar $600.00 USD Monthly Residential
7 photos
10 y madero , Suite 5
Centro $600.00 USD Monthly Residential
8 photos
Calle Citlaltepetl, Dpto. 2 esq. Calle Ajusco # 5424, Col. Santa Rosa, Tijuana, B. C.
Colonia Herrera $350.00 USD Monthly Residential
50 photos
Calle Playa
San Antonio Del Mar $200.00 USD Daily 3,000 sq. ft. Recreational
25 photos
Ave Pacífico 501 c
Seccion Jardines $50.00 USD Daily 800 sq. ft. Recreational
17 photos
San Antonio del mar, Calle Bahia 300
Playas de Tijuana $33.00 USD Daily 400 sq. ft. Recreational
32 photos
Morro 178, Suite B
San Antonio Del Mar $30.00 USD Daily 600 sq. ft."Studio Apartment" Recreational